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This older home was owned by Ms Mavric, which we have worked on the past couple of days in the second last week of February. Her roof was falling apart and we needed to re-roof the entire 28 degree pitch around the original part of the house. This included galvanised cappings and flashings and zincalume steel to match the rear skillion roof.
New battens were needed to be put into to replace some that had been rotten, which were causing the roof structure to weaken.
We also had one of our employees Jake, having had been a Carpenter do some extra works to make sure the house was secure and would not be falling down once again

As you can see in the above photo we need scaffolding and other beams to complete the job, although sometimes the weather wasn’t on our side we were able to complete the job within the week and send off making sure that Ms Mavric was pleased.

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