Concealed Guttering

Concealed guttering can regularly overflow water into the eave lining & down through light fixtures, across windows & doors.

Compounding this problem is that downpipes usually connect to the rear side of the gutter & drain above the eave lining & down the wall, thus keeping the “offset” of the downpipe hidden from view. This design is not an effective way to drain water from the gutter in heavy storms.

These are some options which can used to limit the chances of overflowing, including overflow holes made through the gutter & timber fascia & draining the downpipes through the bottom of the gutter with the offset below the eave sheet.

However if you are wanting a fail-safe option we recommend use of our own 1 Piece Concealed Gutter System, developed by Eastside Roofing. This incorporates the front capping & gutter in 1 piece.

  • The capping is lower than the rear of the gutter which means it has a natural overflow out the front & never into the eave lining.
  • This system will fit most concealed guttering situations with a minimum roof pitch of 15 degrees.
  • Tiles roofs are preferred as metal roofs can be difficult for installation.