Eastside Roofing takes pride in the roofing works that we do for our clients; this is our main priority when it comes to projects. These works can include complete re-roofing or only partial re-roofing to tile, metal or concrete roofs.

Eastside uses the increasingly popular colorbond for most client’s roofing as it is lightweight and less strain when it comes too roof restoration and structural issues. This is becoming the new normal compared to those of tiles or concrete roofs. We are all well experienced in this area and if possible would recommend it to almost all clients.

We also dive into asbestos ridden roofing; which during the 50’s and 60’s was a popular building material that has since been coded as extremely dangerous due to causing some cases of cancer and lung disease. To remove this dangerous fibre we take serious precautions and meet the standards and procedures of Worksafe Victoria and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)