Eastside Roofing provides a range of services and specialises in many aspects of roofing which include repairing sheet metal, terracotta and concrete roofing. We maintain and rectify most roof repairs and cleaning when necessary as well as fully rebed and point those roofs.

We are experienced in many areas and previous jobs have pushed us in lines of work such as;

  • Fixing roof leaks for metal and tiled roofs
  • Completely or partially re-constructing new buildings
  • Repairs to existing roofs or metal structures – such as pergolas
  • Commercial metal roofing – pubs and schools
  • Flexi-pointing, ridge cappings and vallies
  • Removed asbestos roofing and replaced with high quality metal roofing
  • Skylight installation and other flashings
  • Roofing insulation replacement
  • Guttering – Eave, Box and Concealed