Eastside Roofing are specialists when it comes to guttering; guttering, downpipes and fascias were some of the first things Greg learnt when he first started in the trade business. There are many types that are all dependent of your house and what you need out of your guttering system.

Eave Guttering:
This particular type of guttering system is attached via a bracket to the outside of the timberwork that surrounds the outside of the house. Although this type of guttering is not as popular anymore, it is quite helpful as a start.

Box Guttering:
A box gutting system is a square shaped gutter which is hidden or concealed from view at a ground. This means that you will not be able to see all the leaves and water flowing through and is slightly more handy for the appeal of the house.

Concealed Guttering:
The easiest way to describe a concealed guttering system is as a preformed internal gutter that sits behind a slopping or square timber fascia with an eave soffit lining underneath.